Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Bay Area Test Equipment concentrates in providing high quality environmental test chambers and climatic chambers on the best possible terms. Since founded, we are committed to innovation, design and production of high-quality environmental test chambers the market demands, BACL brand is the one of the most viable in testing equipment industry.

Thanks to our two decades-long experience based on a Worldwide Certification Body and Testing Laboratory, BACL understand more what customer requires, and know better what makes good test equipment.

Supply self-developed patented products IESNA LM-80 life testing equipment (Measuring Lumen maintenance of Led light source) to Europe and America, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, were highly rated by leading enterprises in internationally renowned photovoltaic industry, such as Philips, Osram, GE, Sharp, Toshiba…and so on.

Bay Area Test Equipment has more than 100 employees, mainly designing, manufacturing; processing, development and promotion of reliability test equipment and related products carry out product installation, maintenance and after-sales service, and also consulting services on building Lab, training on test standards. Besides, we provide complete solutions and service package for   failure diagnosis and analysis, technical training, product customization, testing and certification.

Keep up with international standards and industry norms, keep improving our strong ability to independent innovation; BACL design provides win-win cooperation & efficient solution to achieve quality & service excellence. Wherever you go, we are always together with you in global market.

Make an inquiry to us today and visit www.bacldesign.com for more information.