Two-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Two-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber
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Bay Area Test Equipment Inc is one of the leading two-zone thermal shock test chamber manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy and wholesale cheap and best two-zone thermal shock test chambers from us.

BTS Series Two-zone Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal shock chambers are capable of simulating environment of sudden and drastic changes in temperature; there are the ideal simulation test chambers suitable for testing the capability of a product, material or part component to withstand the stress and strain.

We supply two types of design to meet different industry requirements &standards. Two-zone thermal shock chamber means test sample is placed in the basket which can move up and down between high-temperature chamber and low-temperature chamber, and transferring is carried out in less than 1-3 seconds and the samples are subjected to thermal shocks as many times as necessary because the system has a standard setting of automatic defrosting.(But we recommend to do  defrost hand-operated after cold testing) Moreover, hot chamber and cold chamber can work independently and used as high and low temperature chamber to meet more testing requirements.

Schematic Diagram

Standard Features:

* SUS304stainlesssteel+arcweldingseamlesswelding

* Fireproof PU+ glass fiber wool insulationmaterial
* Multi-layerglassobservationwindow+ Autoheating function
* Full-opening +double wing type door+ 10,000 times tested lock
* One Φ50mm portholescable port
* Coatedfinishing (colorsavailable)or SUS304
* Adjustable feet andheavy-duty castors

* High quality craftsmanship, modular design and construction

* Water and electricity separation system

* Fullsystemfunctionswitchesandindicatorlights
* Allwiringcolorcodedandlabeled
* Systemfaultstatusindicators
* Over-temperatureprotectionandalarmswitch
* Balancedloadon3phasepower
* Powerleakageprotection
* Overheatingprotection
* Overpressureprotection
* Overcurrentprotection

* CFC free refrigerant, in line with international standards

* Adopting international famous compressor ,parts and components

* No condensation and no frost design

* Coppertube/aluminumfincoolingcoilsavailable
* Air/Watercooledcondenser
* Highefficiencyplatetypeheatexchanger
* Dualhigh/lowrefrigerationpressurelimitswitches
* Overloadprotection for compressor

* 7-inch color LCD touch screen
* Operation mode: programmable/ singe point setting
* Sensor:PT100 (electronic sensor input is optional )
* Communication interface(RS232/RS485)
* Network solution, IP address can be set
* Built-in detection, fault alarm, reminder function
* USB interface

* Alarm and show automatic message reminder

Model Features

Model name

Useful capacity(L)

Basket size

(W×H×D mm)

Temperature range

Ramp range


























1.Average temp change rate between highest and lowest temperature without any load and heat dissipation, Refer to IEC60068-3-5 for more details)

2.Performance is measured in the ambient temperature of + 25℃ and sensors are placed at  the outlet of  air conditioning unit ;

3. Customized sizes and configurations are available.

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