Good Quality Of Environmental Chambers

Good Quality Of Environmental Chambers
Product Details

Energy saving control system: Refrigerant flow is automatically adjusted by PID and solenoid valve, heat load of DUT can be effectively removed

No condensation and no frost design to provide high accuracy and pretend misreading of testing results, in line with international standards

Water and electricity separation, attentive structure design to ensure less failure and more secure

Alarm and show an automatic message on the controller display when water stock of humidity tank is less than the safety amount

High quality craftsmanship, modular design& construction

Adopting international famous brand compressors, core parts & components, ensure better performance &more reliable service life

Specification&technical datas 
ModelBTH-150BTH-225BTH-408 BTH-800BTH-1000
Performance1Temp.   range '-70; -60;-40;-20   +150  
Temp. constancy±0.5
Temp. uniformity2.0℃(at or below 100℃)
Humidity range2098%RH
Humidity deviation±3.0%RH(>75%RH)±5.0%RH(75%RH)
Humidity uniformity±3.0%RH±5.0%RH(
Heat up Time8595100125150
Pull down Time0'-20'-40'-60'-70
Interior dimensionsW(mm)50050060010001000
Exterior dimensions W(mm)700950105015001500
Operating   environment‘+5℃~+35℃;≤85%RHAtmospheric   pressure86106kPa
MaterialBody   shellSUS304   Stainless Steel Plate with brushed /coated finishing
Inner wallSUS304   Stainless Steel  
InsulationFireproof   PU+ Glass Fiber Wool
Air-conditioning systemHeaterIron-chrome   wire heater or Finned tube heating system
Blower fanCentrifugal   fan
Cooling modeCascade   refrigeration system / single stage(water or air cooled)
CompressorTecumseh   Hermetic/ GEA Bock Semi-Hermetic compressor
RefrigerantHFC   R404a  /R404a with R23
Control systemController5.7"   /7"IPC based LCD Touch panel with English language  
Program capacity120   Program,1200 segment each,Max 999 Cycle
Setting range±5 Adjustable according to opearating   tempearture 
InputPT100   /Electronic sensor
Control mode(BTHC)P.I.D+P.W.M.+S.S.R.
Water supplySupply   modeWater   pump 
Built-in tank15kg15kg20kg30kg30kg
Water qualityDistilled   water only, Resistivity>500Ω·m
Power   sourceAC380V,   50/60Hz, 3ψ 4W+E / AC220V, 50/60Hz,3ψ 4W+E; 
Max   current(A)1314142424
Net   weight(kg)300320340720750
Standard   Features Cable   port (Φ50) &Silicone stopper*1pc; sample holder*2pcs; Power   cord*3M*1pc 
Option Recorder,Mini   printer 
Safety   protectionLeakage   protection,Overload circuit-breaker,Overload protection for compressor and   blower,overheating&dry heat protection for humidification system,Over   Current Protection, Phase-sequence Protection,over-temperature protection   
1 Performance is measured at the ambient temperature of + 25 , without any load and heat   dissipation. 

Note1.We reserve the right to change   specifications without prior notice 

      2. Customized sizes and configurations   available