"Heat recovery thermostat" by the national utility model patent

The "heat recovery thermostat" invention project, also known as "auto-Cook" warm box is divided into three layers, the bottom is mainly used for cooking soups, two or three layers used to steam vegetables, heating food. The principle is to use the bottom cooking, soup steam produced by heat at the top of lettuce for automatic heating, steam, heat and food. Main features include automatic thermostat cooking, soup, steamed dishes, tableware disinfection with high temperature, store leftovers fresh. Temperature box controlled by micro-computer, can be set, after coming home ready before you go out, greatly reduce the cooking time in a day.

It is understood that the patented invention through Chan Siu 4 years of trial and error, eventually succeed. Next, Chen will be actively looking for a partner, turning inventions into appliances household products, and strive to service people as soon as possible, to serve the community.