Future trend of environmental test Chamber

2016 environmental test chamber in the industry will usher in a decade and a spring.

Worth a mention of is, in whole information process in the, Shanghai celebrates sound instrument instrument industry of products must will in test box industry in the show, both achieved has itself industry of two of fusion, and can promoted industry forward development, if someday, related of textbook and experience also can was other industry by reference, and put action, Shanghai celebrates sound instrument will is expected to ushered in himself new a round of spring. Alternating high and low temperature test chambers from stock and constant temperature and humidity Chamber promotions, ultra-low temperature test chamber factory outlets.

Celebrates sound Chief Engineer Tang Yiming apparently is after has a considered of, being Engineering Department of Chief Engineer, and now Shanghai celebrates sound in instrument instrument Industry Association of Experts Committee, Chairman of the, this in Shanghai celebrates sound test box industry work has lives of old experts, for two of fusion proposition of thinking, and no as many people general flow Yu surface, at least from test box industry starting, two of fusion, actually promising. Salt fog test box stock and constant temperature and humidity Chamber promotions, high and low temperature test-box factory outlets.