High temperature test-box development is unstoppable

Nowadays, due to the rapid development of the industrial sector, in China from a populous, and developed into the world's second largest economy. At present, the industrial development of irresistible force, was created by the research and development of many new technologies and products, however in order to test the product suitability and adaptability, high and low temperature test Chamber has become a material or product selection or improve the necessary procedures. From abroad to China, environmental test equipment has experienced rapid development and a meeting of technological innovation and finally domestic and foreign environment provides a wide variety of types and models of equipment. Said said those we familiar of ring type equipment: has simulation material surface light aging of purple outside aging test box and Xenon resistance waiting test box,; has simulation temperature and humidity degrees on products for aging and store of level temperature test box and thermostat humidity test box,; has mechanical type destructive simulation test of simulation transport vibration test Taiwan; has for accelerated aging rubber plastic, polymer material of ozone aging test box; has simulation nature salt fog corrosion of salt fog test box and so on. Technical highlights of following through the discovery and excavation of these devices, to appreciate the development of environmental testing equipment together innovation tour.