Left-behind children's camp: with love build family "incubator"

Xinhuanet, Guiyang, January 16 (reporter Luo Fei)-"I'll make dumplings, go back to the bag to eat Grandma and brother! "The 8-year old Zhou Shunshun said happily. Mama Lu Changfen hands-on patient under the guidance of dumplings for the first time, he seems to be particularly exciting, large rough hand with tender hands in White Leather paddling quickly wrapped a sizes lay on the plate.

Just after the new year holidays, Zhou Shunshun Zhenfeng County, Guizhou province, the third primary schools started winter vacation. Different from the previous holiday, he will have a special "travel"-participation in "Shanghai • Guizhou youth winter camp, hand in hand" and flew to Shanghai briefly reunited with their parents. They are all left-behind children, parents and thousands of miles, 3 years have not met with the parents of the longest, shortest time.