Mining loading experiment of small microclimates, satisfy students ' curiosity

It is understood that the production load experiments of artificial climate Chamber is the first experiment can request precise temperature control, humidity control, light control and reproduce a variety of climate and environment in the laboratory. It consists of CAI he experiments and plant nutrition of Zhejiang University established professional cooperation, but its daily maintenance by students independently under the guidance of teachers. Laboratory rearing into soil and water, farming mushrooms, strawberries, mint, tomatoes and other plants from seed selection, kind to the Earth, irrigation and other sectors for the whole of human intervention.

Reporters came to the artificial climate room, coincides with the new students in the learning of scientific community. Observations, teacher will guide the students through the laboratory room provides a variety of meteorological and climatic conditions, designed and completed several studies, such as tissue culture of sinningia Speciosa, effects of plant hormones on sex differentiation in cucumber and so on. Meanwhile, problems in the breeding process of the Student Union to ask the teacher, and to study the configuration of nutrient solution formula, the use of precision instruments to learn.