Customized Two Years Warranty CE Certificate Tecumseh Compressor Programmable Temperature Humidity Test Chamber (YTH-1000)

Customized Two Years Warranty CE Certificate Tecumseh Compressor Programmable Temperature Humidity Test Chamber (YTH-1000)
Product Details
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: YTH-1000

  • Maxcapacity: N/a

  • Load Way: Electronic Load

  • Display: Digital

  • Weight: 100-500Kg

  • Oil Cylinder Position: N/a

  • External Size: 1500*1850*1550mm

  • Temp. Range: -73degrees---+180degrees

  • Temp. Fluctuation: +/-0.2 Degree

  • Color: Ivory/Blue

  • Exterior Chamber Material: Stainless Steel Plate + Powder Coated

  • Specification: CE Certificate, pass SGS&TUV&BV audit

  • HS Code: 9032100000

  • Type: Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

  • Accuracy Grade: 0.5

  • Loading Method: Dynamic Load

  • Control: Computer Control

  • Power Source: AC220V

  • Inner Size: 1000*1000*1000mm

  • Volume: 1000 Liters

  • Humidity Range: 20% Rh--98%Rh

  • Humi. Fluctuation: +/-0.5%Rh

  • Interior Chamber Material: SUS#304 Stainless Steel Plate

  • Trademark: Yuanyao

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Customized CE certificate Tecumseh compressor programmable temperature humidity test chamber


Customized CE certificate Tecumseh compressor programmable temperature humidity test chamber
(climatic/ climate/ environment/environmental test chambers) simulates the effects that a range of temperature and humidity conditions have on a product or material, for example telecommunications equipment or photovoltaic solar panels that are exposed to outdoor temperature and humidity conditions.They have applications in industries as disparate as food science, semiconductors, and military quality assurance. A good temperature humidity chamber is essential for evaluating potential success or failure of a product in the field. Climate test chambers come in a variety of sizes, from a small box that fits on the bench top to a room-sized chamber for large objects or for testing large batches of product simultaneously. Temperature ranges from -70°C to 180°C and relative humidity ranges between 20% and 98% are available. A climate test chamber can also be used when constant climate conditions (temperature and/or humidity) are needed for product testing. 

Corresponding test standard:
1.International Electrotechnical Commission Standard:
IEC68-2-03_test method Ca_Steady damp-heat
IEC68-2-01_test method A_cold
IEC68-2-02_test method B_dry heat

2. Military Standards:
MIL-STD-810F-507.4 humidity
MIL-STD-810F-501.4 high temperature
MIL-STD-810F-502.4 low temperature
MIL-STD883C test method 1004.2 temperature and humidity cycling test
MIL-STD810D test method 502.2
MIL-STD810 test method 507.2 procedure 3

3. Japanese Industrial Standard:
JIS C60068-2-3-1987 test method Ca: Steady damp-heat
JIS C60068-2-2-1995 test method B:dry heat
JIS C60068-2-1-1995 test method A:low temperature

4. USA Semiconductor Industry Standard:
JESD22-A101-B-2004 Constant temperature and humidity test
JESD22-A103-C-2004 High Temperature Storage Test
JESD22-A119-2004 Low Temperature Storage Test

5. Chinese national Standard:
GB11158 Technical conditions for high-temperature testing box
GB10589-89 Technical conditions for low-temperature testing box
GB10592-89 Technical conditions for high and low temperature testing box
GB/T10586-89 technical conditions for humidity testing chamber
GB/T2423.1-2001 Low-temperature testing methods
GB/T2423.2-2001 High-temperature testing methods
GB/T2423.3-93 Testing Method for humidity Test Chamber
GB/T2423.4-93 Alternating hot and humid testing method
GB/T2423.22-2001temperature testing method

6. China's National Military Environment Test Equipment
GJB150.3 high-temperature testing
GJB150.4 low-temperature testing
GJB150.9 hot and humid condition testing


1 Korea imported Samvontech 5.5" LCD Touch screen controller,120 patterns*1200 steps large system capacity, max. 9999 cycles circulation setting, PID+SSR/SCR control, curves drawing, safety device. RS-232/RS-485/RJ-45/Ethernet/ USB communication interface is optional. Controller language: English/Chinese/ Korean/ Russian.

2 CE certification

3 SUS#304 stainless steel plate inner chamber, stainless steel plate with powder coated  or SUS#304 stainless steel plate exterial chamber. 

4 France imported Tecumseh compresser, environmental-friendly refrigerant(R404A, R23) 

5 PU&fiberglass wool insulation is to make the temperature stable. 

6 Large glass observation window with lamp, users can see the sample test effects directly. 

7 Using more powerful wing-blower air supply to make the temperature and humidity evenly distributed in the test area. 

8 Best after sales service: Two years free parts maintenance. 

9 Meet international test standards. 

10 Customization is available & welcomed.

Please read the specification from the table. More details, please contact Angela Cheng, thanks for your attention. Welcome to enquire!

 Internal Dim.W×H×D(mm)400×500×400500×600×500500×750×600600×850×8001000×1000×8001000×1000×1000
 External Dim.W×H×D(mm)900×1350×950950×1500×1050950×1650×11501050×1750×13501450×1900×13501450×1900×1550
 Temperature Range -73 ºC ~+180 ºC
 Humidity Range20%RH  ~ 98%RH
 PerformanceTemp.&Humi.  fluctuation ±0.2 ºC ,±0.5%RH
Temp.&Humi.  uniformity±1.5 ºC ,±2.5%RH
Indication Resolution0.01 ºC ,0.01%RH
Heat up time           (20 ºC~ high temp.)ºC100    150100     150100     150100     150100     150100     150
min30    4030      4030      4530      4530      4530      45
Cool down time            (20 ºC~ low temp.)ºC0 -20 -40 -60 -700 -20 -40 -60 -700 -20 -40 -60 -700 -20 -40 -60 -700 -20 -40 -60 -700 -20 -40 -60 -70
min25 40 50 80 9025 40 50 80 9025 40 50 80 9025 40 55 80 9025 40 75 85 9025 40 85 95 100
 MaterialExteriorStainless steel plate+Powder Coated
InteriorSUS#304 stainless steel plate
InsulationPU & Fiberglass wool
 SystemsCirculationSirocco fan
HeatingSUS#304 stainless steel high-speed heater
HumidifyingSurface evaporating system
CoolingAirtight compressor+vaporator fins+air-cooling condenser
DehumidifyingADP Critical dewpoint cooling/dehumidifying method
ControllerDigital electronic indicatrs+S.S.R.With PID automatic calculation capabilty
 AccessoriesViewing window, Shelves (freely adjustable 2 pcs.), Cable port(Ø60mm)Chamber lamp.
 Safety devicesNo fuse breaker refrigerator over load relay, Refrigeration High pressure Switch, Over Temp, Protector, Protection relay, Protection fuse, Water Lever protector, Overheat protector, Alarm
 Power(K.W.)AC 1Ψ 220V,3Ψ380V 60/50Hz
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