LED Lamp Aging Test Equipment

LED Lamp Aging Test Equipment
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Bay Area Test Equipment Inc is one of the leading LED lamp aging test equipment manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy and wholesale cheap and best LED lamp aging test chamber from us.

LM-80 Series LED lamp aging test equipment

Well-suited for lumen maintenance testing of SMD, COB, plug-in led lamp beads (power<10W/Pcs) based on IESNA LM-80 standard requirements in Ts case temperature(55℃,85℃,T3rd) , Ta ambient temperature (Ta≥Ts-5℃)and humidity range less than 65% RH.


1. The first test equipment specialized designed for Led lumen maintenance life test based on IESNA LM-80 standard and EPA (energy star) requirement

2. Patented product: Exclusive technology developed by BACL design, Patent No. ZL 2011 2 0226877.4

3.Liquid temperature control technology ensures Ts case temperature and Ta ambient temperature can be effectively controlled by means of high reliable heat flow and oil cooling system 

4. Wide application plus large test capacity, ideally suitable for small and mid power size of Led sources less than 10W, support maximum 270 pc testing at one time

5. Combine three independent sub-chambers in one, three different temperature point can be tested simultaneously

6. Easy operation and elegant appearance

7. Custom made available, based on different Led Source size, power& customer requirements

8. Provide Digital DC constant current power supply (Option) as electrical auxiliary equipment.

Monitoring Interface

Specification & technical data of LM-80-2

Structure Features

Interior  dimensions(mm)

800W**400H400D*3 Layers

Exterior  dimensions(mm)

1670W*1920H*505D(Including caster)

Window size(mm)

650*250*3 Layers

Cooling plate(worktable)

153*220*18 Layers 


Stainless steel

Standard Features

Cable port*Φ50mmx3 with silicone stopper

Auxiliary equipment

Digital DC constant current power supply(Option)


Small power(<5W ) Capacity

30~60pcs*18 Layers = 540~1080pcs

Mid power(5W~15W) Capacity

10~30pcs*18 Layers = 180~300pcs

High power(15~200W ) Capacity

Based on different Led Source size & power 

Custom made Capacity


Compatible integrating sphere  

2π, or 0.5m/0.8m/1.0m diameter

Operating environment

5~35℃ at  air-conditioned room 

Temp,humidity,time&electrical parameter

Temp control method

Semiconductor refrigeration control

Ts Temp range


Temp fluctutaion


Temp uniformity


Temp deviation


Temp resolution


Humidity range


Air velocity


Test duration

6000/9000/10000 hr

Test interval

1/10/100/1000/2000/3000/4000 hr…

Time resolution


Product Groups


Channel number


Current range 


Current accuracy in life test

Rated current ±0.3%

Current accuracy in optical test

Rated current±0.5%

Voltage range

0~150V( 400V)



Real-time temp acquistion & Remote monitoring system


YOKOGAQA MW-100(Optional)

Measurement period


Temp precision


Data Storage

2GB(CF compact flash card)

Sample Test Report

System Advantages


BACL LED LM-80 Life Test System

Other Similar Product

Ts setting independently

Three layers in total, able to set each layer’s temp.

Unable to set temp independently

Life test plate fixture

Compatible with many sizes, adjustable.

Fixed fixture, unable to adjust

Temp control system activate synchronously

  • Ts range Rt+25℃~+120℃. When power on, temp control system and reliability oil-cooling plate synchronously work and activate.

Thermal-humidity test chamber, unable to achieve standard temp control

Ts & Ta real-time remote monitoring

YOKOGAWA MW100 temp data collector, runs well in bad situation.

Unable to monitor Ts & Ta real-time. Unable to connect with remote computer

Precise temperature control and good uniformity

  • Insulation is built by high-intensity PU foam and high-density fire-proof glass fiber (100mm), can avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

  • Independent heating system, no effect on refrigerator and route control.

  • Air circulation by high quality axial flow fan, ensure temp uniformity.

  • Air circulation is out on left and return on right, air speed and air pressure are conforms to the standard. Temp easy to return when open/shut the door.

Thermal-humidity test chamber, easy to lose control of Ts & Ta and uniformity.

Interior structure

Vertical adjustable worktable, easy to operate

Fixed worktable, hard to operate

Temp test chamber

Test temp range can reach to Rt+25℃~+120℃, humidity<65%, precisely and stably control Ts & Ta, and meet the requirement of LM-80 Ts≥2℃,Ta≥Ts-5℃.

All circuits are in humid and thermal condition, easy to get oxidized and rusted, hence affect the reliability of life test.

Man-machine interface

  • Microcomputer program PID automatically calculate and micro program temp controller.

  • Blackout recovery setting: Stop program when blackout, program carry on from blackout time.

  • Display uptime, segments, remaining time, repeat numbers; Display test data, including preset humidity & temp, actual measured temp total uptime, segments uptime, segment remaining time, heat condition, etc.; Display accurate temp and humidity, RH% represent the relative humidity.

  • Multiple warning functions: absolute value warning; deviation warning, etc. Communication support is available with RS-232 interface.



  • Safety equipment: E-stop key under the controller, and put on the control panel

  • When overheat and overload, warning light will turn on, and shut down the machine automatically, the machine can’t be turned on until all obstacles are cleared.

  • Fan and motor installed over current protective device

  • Power sequence protection and labs overheat protection


Patent Apply

Multiple national patents



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