California Adopts New Clear And Reasonable Warning Regulations

The state of California has finalized amendments to Article 6 of Title 27 of the California code of Regulations. The amendments include clarification of retailer and manufacturer responsibilities as well as new language to be used in clear and reasonable warnings under Proposition 65. Both the current and the new version of warning labels may be used until August 30, 2018 when the new regulation takes effect. Once the new regulation goes into effect, companies will be required to use the new warning text. 

Key changes in Clear and Reasonable warning text

  • “This product contains” will change to “can expose”.

  • Warning labels must contain at least one chemical name.
    If there is more than one of the listed chemicals present in the product, only one must be listed. Companies are allowed to list additional chemicals.
    Example: If a product contains chemicals A and B, either one or both can be present on the label.

  • Label must contain: 
    the OEHHA web site URL

  • Warning Symbol   
    Equilateral triangle with an exclamation point 

    Followed by the word WARNING in bold capital letters

  • Consumer products may use an abbreviated on product label that includes the warning symbol, the exposure type, and the website. On product warning labels do not require the name of the listed chemical.

Example of new warning label

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