Canada Publishes Two Proposals Of CCPSA

Canada Gazette publishes two proposals to amend Children's Jewellery Regulations and Consumer Products Containing Lead Regulations under Canada Consumer Product Safety Act(CCPSA) for children products on 3 December. Both proposals open for consultation until 16 February 2017. 

Here are the proposed amendments: 

 Amendments of Children's Jewellery Regulations SOR/2016-168 

Current provision :


“children’s jewellery” means jewellery that is manufactured , sized, decorated, packaged, advertised or sold in a manner that appeals primarily to children under 15 years of age but does not include merit badges, medals for achievement or other similar objects normally worn only occasionally. 


600 mg/kg total lead limit

90 mg/kg migratable lead limit

Amendments of requirement:

90 mg/kg total lead limit

130 mg/kg total cadmium (if children’s jewellery items are small parts) 

Amendments of Consumer Products Containing Lead Regulations SOR/2010-273 

The applicable scope of the regulation is expanded, as below

  • products intended for use in learning or      play (toys) intended for children between the ages of 3 years and under   14 years;

  • children’s clothing and accessories; and

  • products whose primary purpose is to      facilitate the relaxation, sleep, hygiene, carrying or transportation of a      child under 4 years of age.

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