Four Faulty Actions Accelerated Aging High And Low Temperature Test Chamber

"Useless years high and low temperature test Chamber, but particularly large losses", in fact, we tend to overlook in their daily use of the wrongful act is to accelerate the high and low temperature test-box "aging" push here by Beijing yashilin test equipment, technical director for you to explain the high and low temperature test Chamber's several injuries.

High and low temperature test chamber door switch. Everyday should be to minimize the number of times the test chamber door, door frequently will increase the testing Chamber cooling loss, affect the cooling effect, and also increases energy consumption.

Deactivate low temperature test chamber for a long time. For some reason no test is required, users can choose to have the test chamber "rest", but manufacturers warn, generally do not deactivate the test chamber for a long time, otherwise it will affect the life of power run for an hour once in a while, this can significantly improve the performance of test case and.