Good Domestic Sales Of High And Low Temperature Test Chamber

With the expanding market demand, domestic orders for high and low temperature test Chamber is further growth create new record, market analysis showed that these new records come mainly from the following areas:

1, market impact, this year, instruments in the market demand for high and low temperature test Chamber has experienced growth-decline-growth, this is the growth trend of the market, domestic sales new record very good chance;

2, the Government is to guide the strategy, in a market at the same time, the Government has enhanced support and manufacturer of environmental test summary of market demand for high and low temperature test chambers, regulating domestic production of high and low temperature test chamber model;

3, the development strategy of domestic manufacturers have a good market, good marketing, of course, essential to good publicity. Regardless of the network or the show, we can feel the increased publicity of products.

Bay Area Test Equipment is a brand born from Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp, please refers to

It’s A Worldwide Certification Body and Testing Laboratory , PCB - Product Certification Body by A2LA, since 2010, and it’s  FCC(  , EPA ( ) recognized Lab.

Therefore, our test equipment are Lab-class. So far, we not only provide test chambers for our own Lab use, we  also had cooperated with Philips, GE, Osram, and Toshiba…