High And Low Temperature Test Chamber Refrigeration System Doesn't Work To Panicked Four Steps To Help You Easily Solution

1. first check power, fuses and plugs.

2. Secondly, one should check the temperature controller, compressor for high and low temperature test chamber controlled by thermostat, compressor and thermostat is connected in series in the circuit, if the thermostat fails after, contacts are not closed, the compressor does not work.

3. Secondly, one should check the overload protector. In the circuit in series with the compressor. Its role is when the compressor casing temperature too high or when excessive current on the compressor overload protector the contact jumped, cut off the circuit, the compressor is no current through, stops running in order to protect the compressor. Under normal conditions, overload protector the contact points are closed. But if the overload protector on the resistance wire is damaged or bimetallic contacts can not be reset after the jump, the circuit is cut off, the compressor will not be able to operate.

4. then you should check the start relay. High and low temperature test chamber depends on startup of the compressor start relay. If you start relay failure will prevent the compressor from starting.