Iesna Lm-80 LED Lumen Maintenance Testing Equipment

Basic Info

Model NO.:LM-80-3

Patent Products, specially designed and well-suited for lumen maintenance testing of SMD, COB, plug-in led lamp beads (power more than 10W/Pcs ) based on IESNA LM-80 standard requirements in Ts case temperature(55ºC,85 ºC ,T3rd ºC) , Ta ambient temperature (Ta more than Ts-5 ºC  and humidity range less than 65% RH.
1) Upgrading and improvement of the 2nd generation Led life test equipment    
2) Specially designed for large power led source testing, support maximum 600W single pc       
3) Adopting semi-conductor refrigeration technology, more effectively control the Ts case temperature and Ta ambient temperature via 12 to 18pcs thermal electric cooling modules. 
4) Improvement of test capacity, compatible for large power size Led sources less than 200W,  support maximum 1080 pc testing at once    
5) Support on line integrating sphere test, docking to optical and color-metric tests  
6) Fixture can be customized, and specimen is easy to install and unscrew  

Product Description