LED Test Chamber

Basic Info

Model NO.:LM-80-2

Patent Products, specially designed and well-suited for lumen maintenance testing of SMD,COB, plug-in led lamp beads (power less than 10W/Pcs) based on IESNA LM-80 standard requirements in Ts case temperature(55 ºC,85 ºC,T 3rd ºC) , Ta ambient temperature (Ta more than Ts-5 ºC and humidity range less than 65%  RH.
1) The first test equipment specially designed for Led lumen maintenance life test based on IESNA LM-80 standard and EPA (energy star) requirement   
2) Patented product: Exclusive technology developed by BACL design,Patent No. ZL 2011 2 0226877.4     
3) Liquid temperature control technology ensures Ts case temperature and Ta ambient temperature can be effectively controlled by means of high reliable heat flow and oil cooling system       
4) Wide application plus large test capacity, ideally suitable for small and mid power size of Led sources less than 10W, support maximum 270 pc testing at one time     
5) Combine three independent sub-chambers in one, three different temperature point can be tested simultaneously    
6) Easy operation and elegant appearance    
7) Custom made available, based on different Led Source size, power& customer requirements
8) Provide Digital DC constant current power supply (Option) as electrical auxiliary equipment

Product Description