Procurement Environmental Test Chamber Should Focus On The Performance Of Equipment And Service

Shanghai Qing-test equipment Ltd, is a production, sales, repairs, maintenance, import and domestic testing equipment company. Main service project: imports test box maintenance, test room planning, environment test class equipment maintenance maintenance (high low temperature test box, make variable hot and humid test box, thermostat humidity test box, high low temperature impact test box, into room high low temperature test box, three integrated test box, fast temperature variable test box, deep cold test box, stability test box, salt fog test box,).

Professional services: Shanghai Qing is currently engaged in a professional environment test equipment production and import test chamber repair company, aiming at the import test instrument repair is expensive on the market, long periods of service. Domestic manufacturers was mixed, poor quality of equipment and services are not in place and so on, Qing will be your reliable backing, to help you out. Company has more than senior engineer equipment service, these services have several well-known companies in the industry have more than 10 years experience in equipment maintenance, allowing you to understand the damage to equipment in a short time. Get your equipment as soon as possible to get back and keep your losses to a low.