Recall Cases Of Footwear Products In November 2016

In November, 2016, there were total 6 recall cases of footwear products in foreign countries including the USA, Canada, EU and Australia, and 4 of them coming from China. The reasons of recall are mainly small parts falling off risk for baby’s footwear; the excessive contents of chromium VI in leather footwear. For more information please find:

Recall cases in EU:


Recall cases of small parts problem and excessive contents of chromium VI are frequent. Manufacturer should take measures in advance at every stage to meet the requirement of regulation and customers, such as structure design without small parts, sharp point or sharp edge, raw material without hazardous substance. In order to ensure all products transported to the other countries are safe, the products should be submitted to the authorized and professional third part laboratories to verify global safety requirements before transported to other countries.

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