Shanghai Simple-test Box Manufacturers Passed The ISO9001 Certification

Recently, the Shanghai Jane equipment passed Beijing tianrun Certification Center experts on the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. After a review, the company's quality management system operation effectively, meet the requirements for issuance of certificate of quality management system.

This audit, expert group on the company's quality manual, procedures, departmental monthly quality goals, as well as the completion of the company's quality objectives, annual internal audits and management review, review the information, and the production workshop and warehouse site conducted an on-site audit.

It is understood that the quality management system certification, according to international quality management standards, independent certification body authorized by the State to review the Organization's quality management system, promulgated by registration and a certificate to prove that the Organization's quality system and quality assurance capabilities to meet the requirements. One of the core standards of ISO9001 quality management system.