The Control System Of High And Low Temperature Test Chamber

High and low temperature test chambers are part of ring test a high-end products in the industry, its control system is divided into four main areas, the following let xiaobian resolved:

Controller: imported Japan "OYO" touch key with digital display temperature and humidity control system, high precision control P.I.D, put an end to the long run instability; humidity display for intuitive control, and temperature and humidity as compared to original defects, accuracy: 0.1 c (display range);

Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance thermometers; Control method: heat balance conditioning; humidity control P.I.D + S.S.R coordination with the channel control; automatic calculation function, conditions of temperature and humidity changes can be immediately amended and made more precise control of temperature and humidity stable. Capability: a. fault alarm and causes, prompting function; b. power off protection function; calendar timer function (automatic start and automatic stop the run); self-diagnosis function.