UV Aging Test Chamber Is Select Either UVA-340 Or UVB-313 Tubes

UV aging test Chamber is to use ultraviolet lamp to simulate sunlight on durable material factor contributing to the threat of injury. Lights and lamps for general lighting in the principles of electricity is very similar, but usually transmit ultraviolet light instead of visible light or infrared light.

Conditions for different applications require different Spectra required different types of lights. UVA-340 tube shortwave ultraviolet light provides the most appropriate simulated sunlight. UVA-340 the spectral power distribution (SPD) in Sun's cutoff to approximately 360nm range agreement with the Sun very well. UV-b lamps the UV aging testing box was also widely used. They are aging faster than the material caused by UV-a lamps, but their shorter wavelengths than the Sun due to many materials may produce unrealistic results.