Altitude Can Touch of Test Chamber

Altitude Can Touch of Test Chamber
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Bay Area Test Equipment Inc is one of the leading altitude test chamber manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy and wholesale cheap and best altitude chambers from us.

BAT Series Altitude Test Chamber

BACL brand Altitude test chambers are specially designed for the testing of aerospace products which are exposed to high altitude conditions. These simulators operate in a wide range of temperature and altitude of up to 50km above sea level.

Our Experienced Sales Engineers can provide all the information you need to determine what kind of Altitude test chambers you need.


Environmental adaptability and reliability test for the instruments and meters, electrical products, materials, spare parts, equipments, etc at a low pressure, high temperature, low temperature, under the effect of single factor or multiple factors at the same time. Simulation of high-altitude conditions like might be found in mountainous regions. Test for electric performance parameters of the specimen. Mainly used in aviation, aerospace, electronics…  

Altitude chamber working principle


Temperature and humidity range chart

Temperature and pressure range chart

Standard Features:

* SUS304stainlesssteel+arcweldingseamlesswelding

* Fireproof PU+ glass fiber wool insulationmaterial
* Multi-layerglassobservationwindow+ Autoheating function
* Full-opening +double wing type door+ 10,000 times tested lock
* One Φ50mm portholescable port
* Coatedfinishing (colorsavailable)or SUS304
* Adjustable feet andheavy-duty castors

* High quality craftsmanship, modular design and construction

* Water and electricity separation system

* Fullsystemfunctionswitchesandindicatorlights
* Allwiringcolorcodedandlabeled
* Systemfaultstatusindicators
* Over-temperatureprotectionandalarmswitch
* Balancedloadon3phasepower
* Powerleakageprotection
* Overheatingprotection
* Overpressureprotection
* Overcurrentprotection

* CFC free refrigerant, in line with international standards

* Adopting international famous compressor ,parts and components

* No condensation and no frost design

* Coppertube/aluminumfincoolingcoilsavailable
* Air/Watercooledcondenser
* Highefficiencyplatetypeheatexchanger
* Dualhigh/lowrefrigerationpressurelimitswitches
* Overloadprotection for compressor

* 7-inch color LCD touch screen
* Operation mode: programmable/ singe point setting
* Sensor:PT100 (electronic sensor input is optional )
* Communication interface(RS232/RS485)
* Network solution, IP address can be set
* Built-in detection, fault alarm, reminder function
* USB interface

* Alarm and show automatic message reminder

Model Features:

Model name

Useful capacity(L)

Internal size

(W×H×D mm)

Temperature range

Altitude Range 


Ramp Rate





-70 to 180

10 mbar

5 °C /Min 








1.Average temp change rate between highest and lowest temperature without any load and heat dissipation, Refer to IEC60068-3-5 for more details)

2.Performance is measured in the ambient temperature of + 25℃ and sensors are placed at  the outlet of  air conditioning unit ;

3. Customized sizes and configurations are available.


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